BAFIX ® ayudando en tu sonrisa

Microcarrillas Feldespáticas ayudado por BAFIXA few weeks ago our friends from Prótesis del Sur, S. L., with Dr. Tomás Márquez, have left us with an open mouth to show us how art masters and used as the basis for our work BAFIX ®, and make one of his patients smiles with one of the best smiles all want to have.

We told you some of the process that has taken place and you attach the link to the document in PDF format so you may watch it carefully, it is very interesting!

The patient, who had been treated with orthodontics, presented the central conoides somewhat diastemas giving rise to side uncorrectable with previous treatment. The team of dentists and dental technicians were proposed with great success, close the diastema using a minimally invasive treatment to the delight of the patient, reversible and durable in time and chose feldspathic foil placement using the adhesive technique.

Colocación del modelo maestro lo colocaron en la BAFIX®-1And they began work, counting during the help offered our base BAFIX ®

From model teacher placed him in the BAFIX ® -1, and held a double silicone front central teeth. BAFIX ® pierced by basal to facilitate its replacement of teeth to deal with refractory material. Once the refractory pouring and drying time waiting displaying the teeth 11 and 21 and removable refractory duplicate on BAFIX ® to facilitate processing the material in a furnace and subsequent ceramic firing.

El reto estaba en imitar el esmalte que presenta el borde de los dientes a tratar y las zonas blanquecinas

Modeling ceramic blade on duplicate cladding.

The challenge was to mimic the enamel presents the edge of the teeth to be treated and whitish areas. An exercise of art and skill.
Then do is etching with hydrofluoric ceramics gel, then placing them in areas of cementation.

And our patient are polished, very happy smiles delighted.

As you have seen an excellent job and a smile that is never turned off.

What do you think? Does it seem difficult to use BAFIX ® system? What would you have done in this case? Is it the best solution they have used our professionals?

Link to document all pictures:

[download id=»11″]

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